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Superchargers have always been talk of mouth now a day. It has been in the racing world for a long time now!! You can also order one for your car at Vivid Racing and enjoy that sporty performance coming out from your car. Vivid Racing deals in the best in industry and the most demanded Superchargers. A Supercharger is a compressor or an Air Pump that forces pressurized air into the cylinders during the intake stroke of the engine.

The best examples we have are:

  • Active Autowerkes BMW E46 328i 99-00 Supercharger 340Hp: system delivers instantaneous power with low end torque that is unfamiliar to other types of superchargers currently available. The system is designed to perform on super unleaded gasoline without the aids of Piggy Back fuel management systems or other ancillary Add ons.
  • Blitz Supercharger Toyota Celica GTS 00-05: The BLITZ Supercharger was designed to give maximum horsepower and torque without sacrificing reliability and drive-ability. This kit generates about 7 psi of boost. The Celica Supercharger includes: compressor, intercooler, SUS Power LM Filter, cast aluminum oil pan, gaskets, intake manifold, and all necessary hardware and electronic parts

These Superchargers are easily available at Vivid Racing and are just a click away from you. With a Superchargers installed in your car, you will never face any speed problems and will surely be at a remarkable position in racing. Vivid Racing has everything you will need to upgrade or replace that turbocharger or supercharger. So dont wait, just contact us at or call us at 1.866.448.4843.

To know more about Superchargers for mustangs, Turbonetics turbo and Borla exhaust systems please visit this link Turbo supercharger.