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Student activist and community organizer Sarah Eidelson is running for Alderwoman in Ward 1.


Ms. Eidelson is a Pennsylvania native and rising senior at Yale, where she has been a driving force behind a number of diverse initiatives to strengthen democracy and further economic justice on campus and in the city. She has written policy for the Responsible Endowment Project and demonstrated key leadership in a student-led campaign to reform financial aid at Yale. Last summer, through a Dwight Hall Fellowship, Ms. Eidelson developed and led the Community Voter Project, registering voters in low-turnout New Haven neighborhoods and bringing neighborhood leaders forward to make change in their communities. Ms. Eidelson also played a major role in bringing over 100 students to March 30ths We Are One rally, a march on City Hall that brought together 3,000 youth, elderly, public- and private- sector workers, unemployed, clergy and students to rally for an accountable city government and a united New Haven.


I'm running because I want to live in a New Haven where government works for all the people who live here, and Im staying here because I know that it's possible," Ms. Eidelson said in an interview Sunday. Over the course of three years work in New Haven, Ms. Eidelson has spoken with hundreds of peopleboth students and long-term residentsabout life in the Elm City and how things could and should change for the better. She is currently working to affect those sorts of changes as the manager of Sarah Saianos campaign for the Board of Aldermen in Ward 18.


Ms. Eidelson believes that students share an interest in a more accountable city government: "As long as Yale graduates don't want to stay in New Haven, and as long as students come to Yale in spite of rather than because of New Haven, then government isn't working for us.


I've chosen to run for alderwoman, and to stay in New Haven, because I want to play a major role in the movement for change we see happening across the city. I am eager to use the tools I have developed through my work on and off campus to raise students expectations of what government--and wecan accomplish.


Says Ms. Eidelson: This moment in New Haven calls for a leader in Ward 1.




Mac Herring

Spokesperson, Sarah Eidelson for Ward 1

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