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People who have been using natural herbal supplements, here we have a good news for them. As we know, these natural herbal supplements are made of natural plants and its extracts, so it is purely escaped from FDA scrutiny. These are also categorized as Food Supplements that is the reason, now it does not require any FDA investigation to bring in the market for users.


Today, Natural herbal supplements are called as P4-billion industry as it is related to usage of leaves in the teabag. Instead of teabags, these leaves can be used in powder, capsule or tablets forms. All of them are made of pure natural plants. Utmost these are made by grinding herbal leaves and then it is transformed into other medicinal forms. The industry of natural herbal supplements is expanding each and every day. Influence of medical industry is visible to all of us.


There is no difference in herbal medicines or other regular medicines as these are also well packages and easily available from drug stores in the forms of pills, tablets, syrups or capsules etc. The price of these medicines is really affordable and even it is quite similar to other OTC medicines which are being used by us very often.


These natural herbal supplements are very effective to cure several diseases. These are being recommended for various diseases, for instance normal simple disease like cough or cold to major health diseases like cancer, blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, liver, arthritis or intestinal etc. Moreover, for people who are suffering eye sight issues can also be recommended for these herbal supplements.


Indeed, there are amazing benefits associated with natural herbal supplements, but in following cases, it is highly prohibited to use in any case.


If you are using OTC medications

People with Surgery

Pregnant Ladies

People under the age of 18 or beyond 65


For more information about celery seed and fennel seed please follow this link natural health supplements.