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If you really want to enjoy your vacation then go and enjoy one of the most popular and beautifully preserved Mayan Ruins- Tulum. This place is where the Mayans chose to put this fabulous city over 1000 years ago. You will find many activities for both kids and adults so you are not limited to spending all day at the beach. Mayan ruins are located on 12 meter (39 feet) cliffs, along the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Mayan Ruins is one of the best preserved coastal sites and is also todays popular site for tourists.Their legacy includes some of the finest jewels in today's world of archaeology: palaces, observatories, temple-pyramids and ceremonial sites.


The Maya site may have been formerly also known by the name Zama, meaning city of the Dawn. Scholars and archaeologists divide the Maya development into three main periods over the space of 2,500 years. This Mesoamerican civilization covered a vast territory and reached its zenith between 250-900 AD in present-day south eastern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Many of these sites are still, over a thousand years later, in excellent conditions for you to discover and explore.


Come and experience the thrill of discovery on the Yucatan Peninsula while getting to know the most interesting facts about this amazing culture of these gorgeous Maya ruins. We recommended you book your tour well in advance (at least 10 days in advance) due to its popularity. 

If you like shopping, then Cancun is the best place. You will find shops full of the best and cheapest handmade items to suit your needs and desires. You can have a great shopping experience even if you dont buy anything.


At hundreds of points around the region stand majestic Mayan ruins which speak eloquently of the grandeur of this imposing culture. There is even several archaeological sites right within Cancun's hotel zone. The most frequently visited Mayan ruin sites (with the exception of Tikal in Guatemala) are all in Mexico, and can be reached by bus or car from Cancun.


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