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Residents of the Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell Idaho, region who are in the market for a pre-owned diesel truck should trust diesel experts before buying, suggests one local diesel engine repair shop. Although diesel engines are durable and economical, they also require special care that their previous owners may not have given them. An expert can assess the state of a vehicle's diesel fuel injection pump, air intake and other crucial elements to ensure that the engine performs as it should.

A diesel engine repair shop that works with major names such as the GMC-Chevy Duramax diesel engine, Dodge-Cummins diesel engine and Ford-Powerstroke diesel engine is more familiar with these specialized motors than a general automotive repair shop. A visual inspection can offer clues to how well the vehicle has been maintained, but a closer inspection of important parts such as the diesel fuel injection pump and the air filtration system is best left to trained specialists.

A diesel engine uses more air and burns through oil more quickly than a standard gasoline engine. Previous owners who were unaware of a diesel engine's maintenance needs may not have adhered to their vehicles' suggested schedule for oil changes and filter checks. A professional can assess the wear that an engine may have received from sporadic maintenance and offer diesel engine parts to replace worn elements.

Another benefit to seeking expert advice from specialists is that any repairs can be performed in-house as soon as the need for a repair is discovered. Says Gem State Diesel ASE Certified Technician Gage Burlingame, a specialized repair shop is also more likely to have diesel engine parts on hand for a Dodge-Cummins,, GMC-Chevy Duramax, or Ford-Powerstroke diesel engines.   Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repairs technical and management team has over 5 decades of experience and are up-to-date on the industrys latest innovations and diesel repair certifications by all manufacturers. 

Residents of Meridian, Nampa, Boise and Caldwell Idaho, can contact Gem State Diesel to arrange a full inspection before buying a pre-owned diesel vehicle.


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