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Studies have shown that the type of words used in international, national or Sydney real estate copywriting matter.


According to a study carried out by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, there area few key phrases that can sell your home. Some words draw in buyers and other words turn them off. The study identified some core words that interest buyers equally across the board, such as "space", "area", "large" and "open", as well as some phrases that had more relevance to specific buyer markets than others. The study indicated, for example, that "European oak", "coffee machine" and "premier schools" were popular for top-end buyers, whilst "portfolio", "tenant" and "vacant" were important to buyers seeking more affordable homes.


Likewise, a Canadian study that looked at 20,000 Canadian home listings across a four year period showed that there was a correlation between descriptions of the house, such as "granite", "state of the art" and "gourmet" and a higher sales price. The study also indicated a link between relatively speedy sales periods and certain terms such as "landscaping and "move-in condition", although "move-in condition" had little or no effect on the sales price. The study also suggested that property copy that gave little detail and instead was heavily laden with words such as "fantastic", "spacious", and "!" had a correlation with a low sales price as it was considered a way of papering over the shortcomings of a property with false enthusiasm.


Buyers Value REAL Descriptions of the Property

Whilst these studies came up with diversity in the types of words that matter, common to the two was the value a buyer put upon physical descriptions of the property. These results suggest that the important factors required in great property copywriting, whether you be an international, national or Sydney real estate property copywriter is: the ability to identify the positive physical aspects of the property that appeal to the target market and the ability to craft compelling copy that best focuses a buyer on these positive aspects.


Good property copywriting is about more than mixing a few key words together in the hope that they will appeal to the target market. If you want great international, national or Sydney real estate property copywriting it is important that you look for a writer who understands your target market. They will use their insights into this group to craft worldwide, national or Sydney real estate copywriting that combines verbal imagery with real positive facts about the property. Good property copy needs to tell a story that will connect with the reader, a tale that the buyers can picture themselves in. A great copywriter gives an accurate verbal picture of the property without the need to add the fluffy and unnecessary detail that readers will interpret as cover for the weaknesses of the property.


Your Local Sydney Real Estate Property Copywriter

BeWrite Business Writing & Marketing Group is your local expert in great Sydney Real Estate Copywriting. They offer a comprehensive set of Sydney real estate property copywriting and property marketing services that work. BeWrite Business Writing & Marketing Group provides a flexible and focused copywriting service to suit the culture and diversity of Sydney Real Estate Agencies and the demographics of the suburbs and target markets they service.


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