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The rapid depletion of resources in Australia, calls for a rethink about how we get rid of waste. Is it possible for Australia to reach a zero waste goal? Maybe not, but it's worth a try! Every Aussie family and business can pitch in to reduce waste and lower their carbon emissions. Here's four great ways to do it. 


1. Get a Can Crusher and Bottle Buster from Elephant's Foot


Elephants Foot have a fantastic range of waste compactors, designed to compact your recycling for easy transport and reuse. Their bottle busters and HD 2.2 Can Crushers are a godsend for rubbish. Local recyclers will take away your compacted waste and perhaps even give you some money! Plenty of Australian recycling companies offer monetary incentives, and free pick-up for compacted waste. When you use Elephants Foot's cardboard, can and glass bottle compactors, this means less work sorting and transporting the waste. So you can radically reduce your carbon emissions and divert up to 80% of your waste to recycling.


2. Go Online and Go Paperless


It's possible to do almost everything online nowadays, without the need for paper.  You can now get your bills, bank statements and everything else delivered in email format. Opt for digital magazines and newspaper subscriptions instead of traditional ones.  Choose email rather than mail, as your chosen method of communication with companies.


3. On Yer Bike


If you can cycle or walk to work or school; then do this, rather than forking out for public transport or petrol in the car. There's so many advantages to a bike that leave cars in the dust. Such as getting a nice taut body, saving money and being able to cruise through peak hour traffic with ease.


4. Give New Life To Old Things


According to The Conversation, around 20 million passenger tyres need disposal every year in Australia.  Only 23% of these are recycled.  Around 64% are destined for landfill and 14% are turfed into the bush somewhere.


A great alternative is the Elephants Foot Tyre Baler. This is a terrific way to dispose of unsightly tyres from your property.  The tyres are compacted and then it's simply a matter of calling the recycling company to collect them. Old tyres are commonly turned into: industrial insulation, parts of retaining walls, road pavement and new tyres.   


As the old saying goes one person's trash is another person's treasure! There are websites where people can flog their unwanted but still usable items, the only catch is that no money is exchanged. Do some research online to find your nearest free-cycle initiative. If it doesn't exist start one yourself. 


To know more about portable waste compactors, please visit this link