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Winter has arrived in Australia.  Regardless of where you are, it's always a good idea to have a pool heater. After all, there's nothing more miserable than getting into a freezing cold pool in the winter months! However, heating a pool requires some forethought. Without the right guidance, pool heating can become very costly.  Here are some clever ways to reduce on energy costs; and still have your toasty warm swimming experience, while winter thunders on around you. 


A Solar Blanket

An inexpensive add-on product for your pool is a solar cover, also known as a solar blanket. This can reduce the amount of heat loss and therefore energy cost. Essentially this works by acting as a floating blanket over the pool water. Heat and warmth from the sun can still penetrate the solar blanket and enter the water, turning into heat. This means that the swimming pool heater is required to be turned on much less frequently and for shorter periods of time, resulting in significant savings on energy.


The Evoheat Pool Heater 

Compared with gas heating, Evoheat's pool heating offers superior cost-saving and energy-efficiency. Let's do some number crunching. The Evo Force5 heater is suitable for smaller pools and spas.  A luxurious swim in a 16,000 litre pool that's heated to 27 degrees every day of the year, will cost less than $15 per week. It's a similar story for a 2,000 litre spa that's heated to 38 degrees every day of the year. The operating costs for this amount to less than $10 per week, around the same as a sandwich and cup of coffee.


Change Your Pool Maintenance Routine

A widely accepted myth about pool heating, is that keeping the pool at a steady heat saves energy and money. Instead, there are several other nifty ways to keep your pool nice and toasty, and also keep energy costs down. Turn the temperature down to say five degrees during the week and then back up again on the weekend.  This means that during peak usage periods your pool will be at the perfect temperature.


Running the heater during the hottest part of the day may sound counter-intuitive, but it actually means that more heat is retained in the pool for longer!  It makes more sense rather than switching the heat pump off completely. Heat pumps take a long time to heat up from cold, and aren't cost-effective when run in this manner.


It's possible to change your pool and spa maintenance routine, get some energy saving devices, but the most long-lasting and cost-effective way to save on pool heating, is to get an Evoheat pool heater.


To know more about Energy saving swimming pool heating, please visit this link