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Whether you're planning on revamping your existing home, or renovating a brand new one you need to consider flooring! No doubt you've browsed loads of magazines to get a great aesthetic picture of how your home should look. However wood flooring is one thing that separates out an average looking interior, from an amazing and striking looking home.


Lifestyle Considerations


If you have children or elderly members of the family living with you, then a wooden floor may not be the best choice.  Wood, especially polished wood can be incredibly slippery and dangerous. Then again if you do insist on wooden floors (and why wouldn't you!) there are work-arounds such as hand-rails and carpeted stairs. 


Aesthetic Considerations


This is where you need to assess the overall look that you wish to achieve with your wooden flooring. A bevvy of beautiful antique furniture won't be well suited to a polished mahogany floor, it will make the room seem incredibly dark. However if you have modern furniture in your home, then a dark wooden floor can complement it wonderfully. Likewise a pale wooden floor in beechwood or stringy bark wood, will be at home with beachy, pale furniture and French Provincial style pieces. 


Trend Considerations


In the 80's and 90's, hardwood flooring was all about golden-tinged wood, almost to the point of golden orange hues. This was complemented by the rustic cottage home look. Although nowadays, this look is outmoded and supplanted by two trends. One for extremely light wooden floors, made from beech, Tasmanian oak and other lighter woods, or woods that are stained to be lighter. 


The other trend is for statement dark woods in merbau, red ironbark, jarrah and grey box. This is where a big decision needs to be made about complementing the whole look and feel of home, with one trend or the other. Be mindful that you should find it relatively easy to change the look, should you grow tired of it in the future.


Try and walk the fine line between heeding trends and your own purposes for the room. Will it be a place for relaxation? Then choose pale, blue-tinged colours and soft furnishings. Will it be a striking and dramatic room full of statement furniture? Then you can afford to be bold with colour and designer furniture. 


Home Design Tools


Spend some time assessing your choices before committing them to real life. Download some home décor and design tools that will allow you to picture your home in a virtual landscape first.


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