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Two major international brands in the consumer goods and packaging industries have revolutionised the way they handle their waste.


What is Cradle to Cradle Waste Management?


Cradle-to-cradle waste management is also known as closed loop waste management. This basically means that all materials, such as: plastic, metal, paper or even food are recycled. These materials then find their way back into the natural environment as innocuous and harmless substances. A truly cradle-to-cradle system, in which the materials are used over and over again hasn't materialised yet, however experts say that this should happen in the next few years.


UPS and DSM are two multinationals that use inspirational cradle-to-cradle models. This should be followed by other organisations seeking to get some positive PR, save money, and do the right thing by the environment.


UPS: Packaging Think Tank


The US Postal Service (UPS), have become a waste management model for cradle-to-cradle innovation. They send out around 700 million packages and envelopes every year.  As a global courier system, they decided to adopt recycled materials for this packaging. They did an assessment of their efforts afterwards with their suppliers. It turns out that these initiatives have managed to save around 15,000 metric tonnes of carbon, from being released into the atmosphere each year.


Elephant's Foot would like to congratulate UPS for adopting these innovative and environmentally friendly strategies. Adopting a similar scheme for your business, albeit on a smaller scale, doesn't require such intensive investment. Elephant's Foot are Australia's most prominent recycling and waste management company. We produce all types of waste compacting and recycling machines such as balers, can crushers, garbage chutes and bin compactors for all kinds of organisations. 


DSM: The Tale of a Dutch Plastics Giant That Went Green


DSM is a Dutch company that is one of the world's biggest plastics producers. They decided to adopt a cradle-to-cradle waste management system a few years ago. This signified a global shift in the right direction. They collaborated with several other chemicals companies and developed recyclable plastic moulding, that can be used in auto parts and engineering devices.  They worked with other companies to ensure that these plastics could be recycled with minimal effect on the environment and on the quality of the plastic. 


Australian businesses should take heed from these foreign companies, that have invested in green solutions to waste. All Aussie businesses should invest in can crushers, waste compactors and garbage chutes. These are all low-cost ways to reduce waste and make additional revenue.


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