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Get your lounge room looking right and the rest will follow. Serenity, peace and comfort for all those who enter your sanctuary. A great way to do this is by colour-matching and sticking to the same style throughout. Think of certain items as a 'blank canvas' of sorts. Then experiment with splashes of colour or different patterns. For example, you can start off with a white (or cream) walls, curtains and carpet, and then build your own look from there. Speak with Lifestyle Lounges of Sofas. They have everything from fabric lounges to leather recliners and home theatre lounges, all at reasonable prices.


Dark and Rich


Dark chesterfield lounges or leather recliner chairs in a rich mahogany, plum, cerise or chocolate, can contrast well against white walls. This creates a sumptuous and cosy atmosphere. A trend in 2013 is for a woven, ivory-coloured floor matting on top of polished light floor boards. Couple this with strong warm hues in the furnishings and lounge furniture. A good rule of thumb, is to keep the balance of light and dark in check. Don't overdo it with loads of different shades. More than two or three principle shades is enough. Any more than this will confuse the eye, and add a busy atmosphere to the room. 


Serene Neutrals


This an on-trend colour palette for 2013. It's anything but boring to use muted beige, stone grey and white together. A great idea is to start off with white walls and incorporate the neutral colours into the sofa, then make a bold statement with vibrant cushions. The cushions you select for your lounge furniture will add some personality to the muted colours elsewhere, and call out for attention. Consider different textures and patterns on the cushions to contrast with the neutral tones on the sofa. Using these stripped back colours isn't a cop out, nor is it boring. Instead it can add a refined, thoroughly chilled out and relaxed atmosphere to a room. Neutral colours also have the added bonus of making a room feel more spacious.


Retro Brights


Another vibrant trend in 2013 is the use of bright colours in living room furnishings.  Funky custom lounges or futuristic fabric lounges in a shade of lime green or yellow, can really lift a drab room out of the doldrums. Pair this with a retro appliqué wall tattoo of tetris or space invaders. One word of caution though, these flamboyant colours can date rather quickly. So calm it all down a bit with ornaments and soft furnishings in white or neutral tones.


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