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Commerce plays a big part in the building of any business. It is the core of having a product that is sellable and being able to engage enough persons to buy. How do you engage persons to get in this technological age? People buy with their eyes. They like nice things and the effort they make to acquire these nice things are astounding. Electronics and the web and what it is able to do, are moving at such a fast pace, that utilizing this wonderful device is considered smart. This is where eCommerce comes in. What is eCommerce? It is the concept of buying and selling any item that value in monetary terms can attract a person to buy, when it is viewed online.


This innovative way of attracting people to get your goods and services when you post it online via the internet is quite genius. In the past, the commerce we know of was using catalogs. You look at the catalogs, see what you like, then you place an order to the company, money is exchanged and then you have your goods or merchandise delivered to you. How easy is that? Now you can view what you like by clicking on the company's web page; decide what you like, you purchase it also via the internet because your bank account is linked to the internet. Then your purchase is delivered to your door. With this kind of service, we dont have to even out of bed. We just click, and click again and our business transaction is completed. This is eCommerce.


eCommerce enables companies to go viral with their products. They engage experts who know how to make their company look attractive, to the public, to ensure they have a reason to buy. Windows open to you when you look in on any companys site; these windows are made to look as though you are in the store. There are other companies who do not sell commodities, but they sell their services. These are businesses who offer their expertise online in order to make you want to utilize their services. This is also eCommerce.


Why do we need them? If we are smart a virtual store or business will eliminate all the time and paperwork that used to go into doing any kind of business. The collective technologies of utilizing the World Wide Web to do all that you used to do will save you lots of time and money. This is genius, when you look at all there is to do, and it can be done in a shorter period while both the purchaser and the merchandiser go away happy.


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