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Struggling to develop your proposal? Contact Dwight Hall to get some project ideas or to build connections with neighborhood leaders.

The application for the 2006 Summer Fellowship Program may be found HERE.

A Brief History:

The Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship Program was started in 1968 and has given Yale students the opportunity to spend their summer vacation in New Haven working full-time on projects they have designed in response to community needs. In addition to working with a community group, student group or not-for-profit to implement their project, the Fellows also meet for weekly dinner seminars with New Haven community leaders to gather advice and learn more about a pertinent city issues.

Ever since its inception 37 years ago, the Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship Program has been committed to its ideals of creativity, group education, and commitment to the New Haven Community.

The Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship has fostered many different and creative projects over the years. Students have worked with various different New Haven non-profits and community organizations on topics as diverse as: homelessness, adult literacy, international education, prison advocacy, health care, public policy, refugee assistance, arts management, and much more. Also, many students have worked on creating new service groups and new non-profit organizations through this Fellowship.

Dwight Hall Summer Fellows are also encouraged to collaborate and help each other with their projects. To that end, the Program provides space and time for the Fellows to interact, mainly through our weekly dinners, and through other social events. They are also encouraged to learn more about the policies and politics that affect their work over the summer. Through the weekly dinners, Fellows have been able to speak to important city and state political figures, heads of non-profit agencies, and other community leaders to engage in debate on issues that affect not just the populations that the Fellows are serving but that also affect the city at large.

Basic Information:

The Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship runs for 8 weeks (from June 3 - July 29). Fellows choose their own projects with local New Haven nonprofit agencies. The types of projects vary wildly - Some Fellows continue work that they did with a community agency they worked with over the school year, others start completely new work. Some Fellows do community service, others work in the public arts, while others work on social justice issues. In order to get ideas for projects, potential applicants are encouraged to look through past project proposals to get an idea of what they'd like to do. Past project proposals are held at Dwight Hall.

Fellows work full time on their Fellowships, and get paid $3000 for 8 weeks. Fellows are also expected to attend weekly group dinners, where they eat really good food (from area restaurants or homemade meals) and hear notable New Haven speakers (from City Hall, Public Housing Authority, Nonprofit agency heads, etc.) and talk about how their projects tie into the larger fabric of New Haven issues. Also they get to do fun activities like bowling, going to the beach, and eating at Libby's on Wooster Square (an Italian pastry place in New Haven).

Application Process & Schedule:
Applications Due: 2/23 at 5:00PM (Note the Extension!)
Interviews: 2/24 2/27
Acceptance E-mails Sent: 3/1
Fellowship Orientation: 6/3 6/4
Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship: 6/5 7/28

The application for the 2006 Summer Fellowship Program may be found HERE.

Contact johnny·scafidi@yale·edu at 203.432.2429 with any questions or concerns.