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Swell Mob is proud to announce the release of its new album, the Bird Flu EP. the band has just released three new songs for free listening and downloading. we've got tunes about ailing avians, snobby socialites, and blue beribboned babes, i.e. all the usual nyc suspects. to listen, click here: Swell Mob is: seth searls (MC 98), keith meatto (ES 97) and mike espar (SM 98) with special guest nathan you (SM 97). late 90s grads might remember the boys as 2/3 of campus band blue fountain diner. the Bird Flu EP is the second Swell Mob recording, a followup to Quality Pie(2005). stay tuned for Swell Mob shows in New York and beyond. for information and booking: This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript