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July 2006 - All internet users will now have another worthy choice of online shopping (internet shopping) to purchase the high quality and special condoms at brand new website ANYCONDOM.COM (www.any ANYCONDOM.COM, just likes its name, is an effective and smart online shopping portal that is established in an effort to benefit the consumers by proving the easiest, fastest and safest online shopping tool to the consumers in getting their favorite condoms by just sitting in front of computer! Essentially, this is a one stop condom store where the consumers are able to complete the purchase with the steps of: 1) select product and quantity 2) confirm 3) make payment online 5) wait for delivery (shipment tracking number as proof) According to Yeap (Project Manager of ANYCONDOM.COM), “Condom still has a very huge market out there and we definitely can for see that the trend of online purchase for condom will increase significantly especially in the region of Asia Pacific”. Besides this, he also quoted that the improvement of global awareness on safe sex also contribute to the high volume of condom sales. The smart online condom store, ANYCONDOM.COM ( will officially launch and start the business on August, 2006. The technical and online marketing solution of ANYCONDOM.COM is provided by WIM Concepts.