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Hello, everybody! I am producing a Broadway musical which opened last night and we have received RAVE reviews from every single major NY critic...that never happens! I think Yale grads in particular will enjoy this "thinking man's" groundbreaking musical. Go to to hear clips from the show and to order your tickets now. NY Times: "This brave new musical, haunting and electrifying by turns, restores the mystery, the thrill and quite a bit of the terror to that shattering transformation that stirs in all our souls sometime around the age of 13, well before most of us have the intellectual apparatus in place to analyze its impact. BROADWAY MAY NEVER BE THE SAME! Variety: "For anyone weary of pedestrian screen-to-stage adaptations or cut-and-paste jukebox assemblies, the arrival on Broadway of a truly original new musical like "Spring Awakening" is exhilarating. " NY Post: Four Stars! "The good is rare enough in the theater, but the excellent is . . . well, just excellent. And so it was at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre last night when the gritty, groundbreaking "Spring Awakening" gave an unexpected jolt of sudden genius to wake up the hidebound Broadway musical." Daily News: "Great news for theatergoers who have craved a new musical with attitude, youthful exuberance and a fresh, gutsy sound: "Spring Awakening," which opened last night at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre, is what they've been seeking. If Broadway audiences are lucky, it will run for many seasons to come." USA Today: Three and a 1/2 stars out of 4. "Transcendent! SPRING AWAKENING OFFERS A TRIP UNLIKE ANY OTHER YOU'RE LIKELY TO EXPERIENCE THIS SEASON." Associated Press: "Ramarkable! Potent!" Bloomberg News: "Shows can be innovative without being good or vice versa. But when ``Spring Awakening,' a new musical, is both, it is grounds for cheering. It has been compared to ``Rent,' but in my view, it is more original and, quite simply, better. THIS SPRING AWAKENING MAY WELL BE THE FIRST TRULY 21ST CENTURY MUSICAL ON BROADWAY! NY Newsday: "Spring Awakening" did not merely open at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre last night. The action was more like ripping open, more like breaking out, more like tearing into the pretend pop and reused plots that pass for new musicals on Broadway today.",0,1677606.story?coll=ny-theater-headlines NY Sun: "Spring Awakening is, in my measured opinion, the most thrilling rock musical ever. THE MUSICAL EVENT OF THE YEAR." NJ Star Ledger: " A gorgeous score. A passionate story. A charismatic production. Everybody weary of jukebox shows, so-what revivals and tuners tepidly derived from movies definitely should grab a ticket for this compelling musical that premiered yesterday at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre after a hit off-Broadway stint. Bold, brooding "Spring Awakening" may shock ultra-traditionalists, but it's THE MOST EXPLOSIVE NEW MUSICAL SINCE "RENT" Philadelphia Inquirer: "If there is anything like justice on Broadway, Spring Awakening - the breathtaking dissection of what it means to grow up - will become both a high mark of the season and a landmark musical." Theatermania: There's no doubt this innovative, frequently brilliant piece of theater will speak to many young theatergoers -- and thrill anyone who is willing to meet this work on its own terms. AM NY Radio ""When Broadway history is being made, you can feel it." So said Franck Rich in his review of the original Broadway production of "Dreamgirls." Now, twenty-five years later, anyone who enters the Eugene O'Neill Theater will be privileged to behold the wonder of theater that is "Spring Awakening," arguably the most breathtaking American musical since "Rent" or even "Sweeney Todd....",0,6233017.story?coll=am-theater-headlines