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2007 Summer Fellowship Program
Saturday, June 2 – Saturday, July 28

The 2007 Summer Fellows and Summer Community-Based Learning Coordinator


Initiated in 1968, the Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship Program is an eight-week, paid program for Yale undergraduates who propose projects designed to address community needs. The fellows typically work with established non-profit organizations or civic groups to craft and execute their projects. During the summer the fellows gather for weekly dinners to meet with community leaders, discuss the broader context of their work, and reflect on the progress of their proposed goals.


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The goals of the Summer Fellowship program are:
     (1) To enable student leaders to develop and execute outcome-based projects responsive to identified critical needs in the community;
     (2) To develop collaborative relationships with existing non-profits and civic leaders to address such needs; and
     (3) To provide a forum for students to reflect on the nature and quality of their work with other student leaders and community partners.

Program Characteristics

The general characteristics for a strong Summer Fellowship proposal include: projects that have a high value for the target audience; projects that outline realistic goals attainable within the timeframe of the project; projects that define action plans for any work that must occur before or after the Summer Fellowship; applicants who have an understanding of the goals of their host organization and how the project relates to the host organization’s mission and goals; and a proposal that clearly delineates the process behind its development. A joint selection committee consisting of the student coordinator, Dwight Hall staff, and previous summer fellows selects students for the program.


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The founding vision for the Summer Fellowship program in 1968 prompted students to respond to the question: “What would you do if you were let loose for an all-expense paid summer in New Haven, and the only requirement was to pursue social justice?” Since the framing of that initial question, which inspired a long-standing, high-impact program at Dwight Hall, the Summer Fellowship has become a more sophisticated program with a rigorous application process and higher degree of expectations from its Fellows.


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2007 Fellows
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The work of the 2007 Dwight Hall Summer Fellows has been funded through the generosity of the Yale Club of New Haven, the Yale College Class of 1949, the Yale Class of 1957, NewAlliance Bank, and an anonymous private donor.