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Eli Whitney Students Program

Yale’s ELI WHITNEY STUDENTS PROGRAM, formerly known as Yale’s Degree Special Student Program, is designed for nontraditional students who have not had the opportunity to begin or to complete their formal college education because of previous or continuing family or job responsibilities, but whose work/life experience and community involvements promise to add unusual dimensions to undergraduate life in the classroom. Students attend Yale part-time, are affiliated with but not eligible to live in Residential Colleges, and are not eligible for financial aid. Eli Whitney Program students meet the same academic requirements as other undergraduates. The SUE M. LEVY MEMORIAL PRIZE, derived from a fund created by family, friends, and classmates of Sue M. Levy, BLS ’86, an early leader of Yale’s Degree Special Student Program, is awarded to an Eli Whitney Student with financial need who has contributed to the quality of life of the Yale community. The Prize is the only source of financial aid available to these students.
Major: History of Science/History of Medicine
Internship at The New York Times; over 10 bylines Student mentor Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS at Yale Medical School, Research Assistant Goal: To become a reporter for The New York Times
Diploma in Business Administration
Major: Environmental Science
Goal: A career in wildlife and environmental protection and public education. To devise an effective media strategy to communicate to the public the potential impact of environmental negligence.