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The Yale Club of New Haven will contribute over $198,000
to 71 exceptional undergraduate and graduate students
from the greater New Haven area during the coming academic year.

“With ample generosity and support, the Yale Club of New Haven augments
the Yale experience in significant and enduring ways, and it is to its benefaction
that I remain indebted. Beyond the groups that furthered the excellence
of my undergraduate days, the Yale Club, in great measure, remains unsurpassed
amongst my fondest reflections, for it constituted the interchange between
financing my undergraduate education and the committed intention I hold
of sustaining my relationship with Yale long after graduation.”

Tahia Thaddeus Reynaga, Ph.D.
Professor of English and Humanities
Yale College Class of 1998

Named Scholarships

  • Henry P. & Janice Brightwell Scholarship: Established in 1992 by Mr. Brightwell ’35, a long-standing member of the Yale Club Board of Directors, and his wife.
  • Carmen L. Cozza Scholarship: Established in 1989 in celebration of Mr. Cozza’s twenty-five years of coaching football at Yale.
  • James S. Davie Scholarship: Established in 1985 in memory of Professor Davie ’45w, ’51Ph.D, a long-time Dean of Timothy Dwight College and former President of the Yale Club.
  • Florence & Sherwood Eberth Scholarship: Established in 1991 by Mr. Eberth ’20s, a former President of the Yale Club, and his wife.
  • M. Albert Geib Scholarship: Established in 1989 in memory of the Professor of Engineering, to assist students entering the sciences.
  • A. Bartlett Giamatti Scholarship: Established in 1979 in his honor when Professor Giamatti ’60, ’64 Ph.D became President of Yale, and greatly enhanced by contributions since his death.
  • Willis Hunt Scholarship: The first Yale Club Named Scholarship, established in 1976 by a bequest of Dr. Hunt, a long-time supporter of the Club.
  • Robert E. & Ruth R. Lapides Scholarship: Established in 1994 by Mr. Lapides ’39 and his wife, on the occasion of his 55th Yale reunion.
  • Sidney Lovett Scholarship: Established in 1979 in memory of the Rev. Lovett ’13, much-loved chaplain of the University.
  • Robert & Joyce Mailhouse Scholarship: Established in 1999 to assist local students, particularly those from Branford, entering Yale.
  • Edward M. Noyes II Scholarship: Established in 1999 in memory of Mr. Noyes ’40, a former Yale Club President and long-time head of Career Services at Yale.
  • Philip M. & Matthew A. Oravetz Scholarship: Established in 2003 to assist local students, particularly those who have the attributes of a scholar-athlete.
  • Winthrop A. Smith Scholarship: Established in 2001 by the Smith family in memory of their father Winthrop A. Smith ’31, a long-time supporter of the Club.
  • White Brothers Scholarship: Established in 1993 by Mr. White’42s in memory of his brother James ’40. Both men were Yale Club of New Haven Scholars.

Special Contributors 2005 - 2006

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