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The Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship Program, in addition to providing undergraduates with funding for self-directed service projects, also works to build connections between the fellows and to expose the fellows to a range of city issues and civic leaders. This is accomplished through a day-long program orientation and weekly fellowship dinners throughout the summer.

Orientation 2007

The 2007 fellows enjoy the view from West Rock

Prior to starting their work with community organizations, each year the fellows have a day of orientation to introduce them to neighborhoods and sites that Yale undergraduates often never see. The 2007 fellows had a busy day of orientation, seeing off the Habitat Bike Challenge riders, meeting with a community leader in the Hill neighborhood, and speaking with New Haven Chief Administrative Officer Rob Smuts about city government and civic engagement.


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Fellowship Dinners

Kica Matos, head of New Haven's Community Services
Administration, discusses immigrations with the fellows

The weekly dinners are a critical component of the Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship Program. The fellowship is kept to a small group, in part because of the initiative required to put together a strong proposal, and the fellows who are awarded funding are incredibly passionate about the issues they are working with during the summer. The dinners provide an opportunity for fellows to share their interests and experience with each other. Additionally, each dinner features a guest speaker who has made a noteworthy impact on the local area through years of service. Fellows have the opportunity to learn from inspiring leaders in a number of different fields when the guests give talks at the dinner and the fellows are able to ask questions and share their own thoughts on issues with the guests.


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