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Dear fellow Elis, Josh Dodes '95 and Eyan Mitchell '94 are proud to launch THIS IS YOUR SONG, our custom love song business, and we want to pay you $500 for your help. The idea behind This Is Your Song is simple. Rather than "customizing" songs by inserting a few names and dates into templates, we write songs completely from scratch, interviewing clients at length and capturing the details and stories that truly define their relationships. The end result is a polished professional recording that serves as a once-in-a-lifetime gift that loved ones, wedding guests, or friends will never forget. 1. LIMITED-TIME $500 COMMISSION Through the end of 2007 only, we are offering a $500 commission per song to anyone who successfully refers us a client. Do you know one or more people who might be looking for a uniquely special gift for a loved one or family member? Read more about us and listen to song samples on our website at and if you like what you hear, please send them our way. Make sure they tell us you referred them, and if they hire us, we'll send you a commission of $500 upon receipt of their final payment. It's that simple! 2. SALE ON NEXT 3 SONGS Since we take such care and time with each song, we currently charge $2,500 per song, all-inclusive (except for live performances, anywhere in the world, which are extra). However, since it's coming on autumn and we know people are looking for last-minute wedding gifts, we have decided to offer our services for $1,000 to our next three clients only. But (and we've always wanted to say this) you must act now! 3. LOOKING FOR A BUSINESS PARTNER Finally, we are also looking to add a full business partner to deal exclusively with client generation, business initiatives, and marketing. This is *not* a full-time position, so if you or someone you know has strong business skills, even a bit of free time each week, and a desire to be part of a business that makes clients incredibly happy, please let us know or put us in touch with them directly. Thank you all so much in advance, and please pass on this news to people you know. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to write us at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript . Hope everyone's great. Best,
Josh Dodes '95 and Eyan Mitchell '94 - - - - -
once in a lifetime musical gifts
"These modern-day Cyrano de Bergeracs... will supply words and music to make your sweetie swoon. Just about the most romantic gift you could give to somebody." - Associated Press