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Category:Needs Work This article is designed to give a brief tutorial of MediaWiki formatting. For more detailed information and references, visit the MetaWiki homepage ( or Wikipedia Help (

Please also read Style and Terminology for STC wording conventions that should be followed.


bold'''bold'''three single quotation marks on either side
italics ''italics''two single quotation marks on either side
bold italics '''''bold italics'''''five single quotation marks on either side
line<br>break<br> HTML tagplease use with caution
No '''Wiki''' formatting <nowiki>No '''Wiki''' formatting</nowiki>remember to use closing tag
Preformatted Text
<pre>Preformatted Text</pre>the html 'pre' tags will show the text exactly as typed including line returns (or lack thereof). It places the text in a box.


Internal LinkSimple Internal Link[[Simple Internal Link]]Double square brackets to link to article of that name (case sensitive)
Internal with alt textLink Text [[Link|Link Text]]Article name first, then a vertical bar, then alternate text (case sensitive)
Article Section LinkMediaWiki Tutorial#Links [[MediaWiki Tutorial#Links]]Double brackets, pound sign between article name and subsection name (case sensitive)
External link http://www.yale.eduEnter the link with "http://" prefix, automatically formats
External with alt textLink Text [ Link Text]Single brackets with a space between link and alternate text


The Table of Contents is generated automatically by the use of special headings formatting. There can be headings, subheadings, and sub-subheadings, but no lower.

==Heading== (Two equal signs on either side)
===Subheaing=== (Three equal signs on either side)
====Sub-subheading==== (Four equal signs on either side)


#First Item
#Second Item
#Third Item
  1. First Item
  2. Second Item
  3. Third Item
    1. Subitem
      1. Sub-subitem
*First Item
*Second Item
*Third Item
  • First Item
  • Second Item
  • Third Item
    • Subitem
      • Sub-subitem
#First Item
#*Note on the first item
#Second Item
  1. First Item
    • Note on the first item
  2. Second Item
  • Item
    1. Sub-subitem


Table are created using the {|tag and ended with a |} tag (vertical bar with a single brace).
Rows are created with a |- tag (vertical line and dash)
Cells in a row can be created on separate lines using a vertical bar as the first character of the line, or on the same line, starting with a single bar, separating them with double bars, and ending with no bar.
Headings for rows and columns are created using exclamation marks.

Code Output
! Heading 1 !! Heading 2 !! Heading 3
|Peach || Pear || Plum
|Soft Drink
Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3
Peach Pear Plum
Soda Pop Soft Drink


To display the content of a template in an article, put the name of the template between double curly brackets:

{{Template Name}}

If you are creating a new template, link to the template first, then click on the link to create the template.

Templates that should be used frequently in articles can be found in Style_and_Terminology.

Embedding Pages

To embed one article in another (aka Transclusion):


More info:


[[Image:filename|Alt Text|alignment(center,left,right...)|thumb]]

For more information about extended mediawiki image syntax, see the Wikipedia Help Article

Media and Files

[[Media:filename|Alt Text]]