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Remember the glory days, those old Ivy rivalries?

Prepare for battle!
Conquer the Ivy League!

>> Sign up NOW! The battle is almost here! <<

GoCrossCampus is a massively multiplayer social gaming platform built by a few Yale and Columbia students to bring custom-tailored online strategy games to college campuses. Our first big game is the Ivy League Championship, pitting all eight Ivies against each other in an epic battle for domination across New England.

Best of all, GoCrossCampus is a completely ad-free environment and costs absolutely nothing to play.

On October 22, GoCrossCampus goes live across the Ivy League.

So what is GoCrossCampus?

Take a world domination game, multiply it by over 50,000 players, add online social interactivity, and set the whole thing on a big map of New England. Plus, it's all online! You control your own legion of armies, coordinate the gameplan, and play as a team with the rest of your school to take over territories and edge out your rival Ivies. Each day comprises a single turn, so the game is set to last for several weeks -- an epic online competition never before seen!

You can talk strategy via a built-in chat interface, get real-time stats on how the game is progressing, and even get declared commander of your whole school! You'll build alliances with the other Ivies to expand your empire, and then break them when the time is right to defend your strongholds. After the dust settles and the game is over, only one school will stand as reigning champion. The other seven? Vanquished!

Enlist now. GoCrossCampus is here. Prepare for battle!

The GoCrossCampus Ivy League Championship is co-sponsored by:

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