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YAAMNY Vision:   

  • Where Yale's mission is to preserve, develop and share knowledge; and
  • A significant part of the Yale experience is developing the culture that furthers that mission;
  • YAAMNY shall help to preserve and share that culture among alumni and their friends in the support and advancement of Yale's mission in New York and the wider global community.

YAAMNY's mission is to nurture a central sense of community and discourse among Yale-affiliated groups and initiatives that further Yale's mission in the world.

The core operations of YAAMNY shall be to:

  • Create and facilitate opportunities for alumni and their organizations to gather and exchange ideas in recreational as well as mission driven ways; and
  • Maintain the online center for communication among alumni groups, initiatives and their dispersed constituents; and
  • Deploy AYA and other Internet tools and resources to serve the operational and communications needs of those alumni groups and initiatives; and Facilitate the dispersed activities, events and meetings of alumni in their continued pursuit of Yale’s mission in the world.