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Greetings friends and Elis,

It was exciting to see the turnout, warmth and new faces at the Holiday Happy Hour (see pics here).  It's also been terrific to hear the enthusiasm from several of our fellow alums on bringing us more and varied types of events this year.  Four of us in fact are spending this weekend at the AYA learning new ways we can organize and galvanize for the benefit of all of our fellow alumni, and our communities in NY.  There is particular interest in more professional/educational events and Yaamny aims to please in these and other areas.

As usual you can see your friends are promoting events and activities almost every night, including Belly Dancing at Je'Bon tonight, just in case you were looking for a good excuse to get out.  Remember this forum is for you and BY YOU, so think of it as your local CrossCampus and add content about anything you are doing, have done or are passionate about anywhere.

For next month I'm arranging to get a group night as Is He Dead, the new hit Mark Twain show on Broadway.  We'll get a talk back with the cast and producer after the show.  Don't miss at the bottom of thie email, our friends from the class of '87 are bringing back FEB CLUB witha  party every night this long February.

For that matter don't miss out on the many more articles and events you can see an get involved with on