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Greetings again,

There is trully a treasure trove of excellent activites, announcements news poring into including almost 40 new events posted since the new year!

The great stuff below is just a piece of the party Yalies seem to be throwing in every area of work and life.

And all month long there truly is a Yale Party every night at Feb Club.

You should also check out in depth dedicated sections like:

And of course the ever popular

You can contribute your own Events and Articles/Announcements/News yourself as well as Housing Classified and Job Offers at any time!  We had over 20,000 visits to Yaamny between December and January, so you know lots of your friends will see what you have to share!

I hope to see many of you at the Walk to Beautiful screening and talk back with Adrian Feb 13th at 6pm

Hope you all enjoy this spring like February!