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Dear Applicant,

Welcome to Dwight Hall at Yale!


We are very excited about your interest in Dwight Hall.  The application process is designed to make sure that the match between Dwight Hall and your organization are the best for both sides.  The very first step for the process is to fill out the form found here.  You should use this document to articulate your group's activities from its day-to-day details of structure and logistics to your long-term vision for the group. This reflection and expression will help ensure your group's longevity and make future leadership transitions as seamless as possible in keeping with a sustainable Dwight Hall group.


Please e-mail the application to  This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  as an attachment when it is complete. There is no due date, but if you submit later than late October or early November, your group may not be approved until the next school year.  In any case, your group will remain in the new membership process for a maximum of one year from when you submit the application, but we reserve the right to admit or deny your group to Dwight Hall at any time in that year.


After your application has been received, I will meet with you to discuss your groups application to Dwight Hall in more detail and to explain our membership process to you. Shortly afterwards, your application and my report of it will be presented to the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee, who will then decide whether to grant provisional status to your group.  If approved, you will meet with the Membership Committee (composed of the Program Director, your network liaison, and myself) to help ensure a seamless transition into Dwight Hall. If appropriate, there will also be a meeting between the Program Director and your group's community contact person.


If your group is granted provisional member status, it will have access to certain Dwight Hall resources (such as copying, use of Dwight Hall cars, and access to funding opportunities).  The organization will not need to participate in Phone-a-thon until its second semester as a provisional group (the commitment for full groups is 4 hours of Phone-a-thon per semester).  Provisional groups become full member groups once the full Cabinet votes at a Cabinet meeting after we see that you have participated in at least one Dwight Hall Bazaar for recruitment and once you have proven that you have a detailed timeline for a leadership transition. Throughout this process, you will receive support and feedback from both the Program Director and me.


Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or problems. Thank you for your application, and I look forward to working with you toward Dwight Hall's mission in the future!




Nico Barawid

This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript