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Dear Yale alumni, This spring term, Yale University is premiering an undergraduate publication whose presence has so far rather conspicuously been missing: an interdisciplinary scholarly magazine. Titled ‘Symposium,’ our publication is an academic journal, loosely modeled on the Yale Journal of Criticism, that will print the best student work from a variety of humanities-based disciplines. Working in conjunction with multiple Yale faculties, we aim to have each issue contain a balance of essays from the perspectives of literature, philosophy, political science, and cultural study. As Symposium looks ahead to the production, we are looking for any sponsors who may be interested in our organization. If any members of the Yale Alumni Association of Metropolitan New York would consider joining one of our sponsors’ circles, your support would be invaluable to the magazine. In addition to receiving proper recognition in the publication, all donors will of course be mailed as many copies of the magazine as they request. If you are interested or if you have any further questions about Symposium, please contact Anna Lvovsky at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript We thank you very much for your consideration of our magazine and hope that Symposium may debut this spring with your generous support.