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Happy happy spring to all.  This weekend you should know over 30 of your fellow alums are heading off to work hard on building a roadmap to make YAAMNY better and stronger for the benefit of all alums and the communities we live in.

At the AYA reception two weeks ago, apart from the free drinks and treats, we had almost 100 Yalies join us upstairs for an energetic discussion about the future of YAAMNY. 

And so you know its not all just talk, please see the great event supporting best buddies below, and we'll have another inter club alumni mixer May 13 at the Taj, organized by the indefatigable My Luu (details coming in May).

I know many of you want to see panels, sports teams, and more in depth volunteering opportunities and all of these are on the way.  We're not just a newsletter anymore folks and we always want YOU to be involved.

Did you know has posted over 200 events open to all alumni since last year?  In addition to these events we've had almost 300 other notices, classifieds, articles, photos and news in that time.

In March we had 18,735 visitors to the website and 85 new events, classifieds and announcements posted by YOU.  Add Content Here.