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The Social Justice Network (SJN) of Dwight Hall at Yale is a coalition of organizations and individuals working for social justice and social change at Yale, in New Haven, and beyond. SJN is dedicated to building a community among those who identify themselves as working for social justice, while helping activists develop skills necessary to achieve this change. SJN is a resource center, providing the space for dialogue and cooperation, creating and maintaining links to other organizations. SJN works to keep activism alive and well at Yale, serving as an informal clearinghouse of activist groups, preserving and passing on the tools and knowledge of effective organizing from one graduating class to the next.


The Social Justice Network provides:

  • Networking with other students (Yale and non-Yale) and community members and groups working for social justice   
  • Establishing collaborative projects and common goals with other organizations and individuals
  • Obtaining funds for events, actions, and administrative costs via the Dwight Hall Social Justice Network Organizing Fund   
  • Workshops and Training   
  • Social Justice Network Web Page   
  • Use of the Social Justice Resource Room   
  • Use of some Dwight Hall Resources, including rooms and vehicles   
  • SJN social activities
  • Discussions with social justice minded professors and activists

To learn more about the Social Justice Network please visit these links:

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The Social Justice Network's Coordinators The Social Justice Network Organizing Fund