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SJN Coordinators

Alexis Mitchell - SJN Liaison 404-218-9190

LaTisha Campbell - Financial Coordinator 734-576-3407

Valentina Savath - Communications Coordinator 860-940-8300

Sandy Caballero - Resources/Membership Coordinator 626-716-4679

The SJN Coordinators work with the Magee Fellows and Social Justice Network. Their objectives are to encourage communication between the various SJN groups, as well as other Dwight Hall member groups, and to increase collective endeavors both on and off the Yale campus. They will also be focusing on developing strong bonds within SJN community. The SJN Coordinators also facilitate SJN meetings twice a month. Please contact the Network by writing an email to This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript


SJN Liaison to the Executive Committee

As the Executive Committee Liason for the Social Justice Network, Steven Reneau is one of ten people charged with the student administration of Dwight Hall. He represents a crucial link between the activities of the Social Justice Network and the other community service activities that Dwight Hall promotes. The Executive Committee (ExComm) is elected by the Dwight Hall Student Cabinet every fall.


Magee Fellow

As the Magee Fellows, Joshua Williams and Hosna Sheikholeslami serve as liaisons between social justice and religion, implementing programs that demonstrate the praxis of faith. The Magee Fellows facilitate annual activities such as the trip to the Vigil and Nonviolent Civil Disobedience to Close the School of the Americas, and the Religion and Social Justice Dinner; host speakers on aspects of religion and service; coordinate education series on principles of non-violence and community organizing; maintain a library of resources; and help students plan social action projects, vigils, and other events.