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Well, we've reached the height of summer, and rather than have you in front of a computer reading this, we'll keep the intro to this month's newsletter short and sweet and simply highlight a few of the noteworthy happenings of July. 

There's no better time for a park outing, and we're especially excited about the Beautify Prospect Park Service Event on July 26. (YAAMNY is providing complimentary food and recreational sports.)  The event is sponsored by the Public Service and Social Justice Group, which is actively seeking suggestions for future projects. 

For those looking to improve their indoor living situations, there are some great real estate steals and deals as well as a happy hour at the end of the month sponsored by the Yale Alumni Real Estate Association. And don't forget about the Yale Club's weekly Happy Hour, now in full swing. 

As always, the quality and breadth of the activities here depend on YOU.  Continue to check out and tell us what's happening!