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You may have recently read on the front page of The New York Times about The Equity Project (TEP) Charter School, which will attempt to attract and retain master teachers by paying them a $125,000 salary (plus a potential bonus). TEP, which will serve at-risk, low-income middle school students in Washington Heights (NYC), is able to revolutionize teacher compensation not through fundraising but rather by reallocating the public funding that TEP receives as a public charter school; part of TEP's mission is to inspire other schools to truly invest in great teachers and, in so doing, achieve educational equity for low-income students. TEP is currently seeking 10 individuals who are inspired by TEP's mission and who want to become founding members of TEP's Capital Campaign Advisory Board.  This Advisory Board will spearhead TEP's efforts over the next year to raise funds for the school's new facility (the only area for which TEP does fundraise), which is scheduled to break ground in late 2009. To learn more about TEP and this opportunity, please visit: