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About Dwight Hall > People > Dwight Hall Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the fiscal and long-term operation of Dwight Hall. The Board's membership consists of Dwight Hall alumni, Yale professors, members of the New Haven community and current Dwight Hall student representatives.

Executive Committee, Board of Directors of Dwight Hall at Yale
Chair: Deborah Rose
Vice Chair: Constance Royster
Secretary: Fred T. Goldberg, Jr.
Treasurer: Carl Lindskog
Investments: Carl Eifler (Chair, Board of Trustees)

2008-2009 Board of Directors, Dwight Hall at Yale
Ms. Ellen Andrews '89 PhD
Mr. Hugh Baran '09
Ms. Jill Campbell '88 PhD
Mr. Adam P. Cohen '77
Ms. Louise Davis '03
Mr. Anthony Dean '67
Mr. Mark R. Dollhopf '77
Mr. Carl Eifler '70
Mr. Robert Furniss '77
Mr. Sean Glass '02
Ms. Nina M. Glickson '73
Mr. Fred T. Goldberg, Jr. '69,'73 LAW
Mr. Brian P. Goldman '05
Ms. Sharon M.K. Kugler
Ms. Sandra Lee '97
Mr. George Levesque '94 DIV
Mr. David R.R. McKinnis '87
Mr. Thomas C. Meyer '11
Ms. Dana L. Molina '95
Mr. Millard "Mitty" Owens '86
Ms. Mari Michener Oye '11
Mr. J. L. Pottenger, Jr. '75 LAW
Mr. David Pozen '02
Ms. Anna T. Ramirez '93 MDIV
Dr. Deborah Rose '72,'89 Ph.D.
Ms. Amy Rothschild '09
Ms. Ariela Rothstein '10
Ms. Constance L. Royster '72
Mr. Marcus Scott
Rev. Samuel Slie ‘52 MDIV
Ms. Anna Jo Bordutha Smith '10
Ms. Shayna L. Strom '02
Mr. Bryan Twarek '10
Rev. J. Philip Zaeder ‘58
Rabbi Lina Zerbarini