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Interested in strengthening connections between various social justice groups on campus?  Want to contribute to making the Social Justice Network more of a community by organizing cool events and trainings for the network?

Then apply to be an SJN Co-coordinator!  For the coming year, the SJN is looking for qualified applicants to fill two roles - Treasurer and Communications Director.  The treasurer is in charge managing SJN's annual funding, administering SJN stipends and managing the SJN fellowship.  The Communications Director will manage and update SJN's online presence while also keeping all SJN members up to date about upcoming events and opportunities.  Both positions are for the full year, stipended and share other general SJN Co-coordinator responsibilities.
What to do now:
2) Meet with current SJN co-coordinators to learn more about the roles and responsibilities on Saturday, September 20 1-3PM
3) Come to the SJN meeting on Sunday September 21 at 7PM for SJN elections. Applicants will have to make a 1 minute speech about their qualifications for the position, changes they would like to make to SJN and answer a surprise question.