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If you had the opportunity to reignite your Yale passion, reconnect with old classmates, and meet the next generation of Yale students, would you take it? If you could be a part of the next chapter in the historic Ivy League rivalry by participating in the single largest competitive event ever held between Ivy universities, would you join? If thousands of undergraduates, graduate students, and fellow alumni called upon you to help them propel Yale to victory in the name of school pride and honor, would you answer?

Now you have the chance. Go to and sign up for the 2008 Ivy League Championship. It's a fun territorial conquest game (similar to the board game Risk) that only takes two minutes a day to play and is easy to learn. Last year, over two thousand alumni fell in love with the game and now you have the chance to find out why. Check out and help your Yale brethren out-strategize their Ivy rivals and claim victory.

You can read the NY Times article about last year's game here.