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Be a Community-Based Learning Co-Coordinator!


You will...
*Work with professors, community organizations, and government.
*Lead the growth of an important initiative.
*Evaluate, innovate, and improve.
*Exercise your ingenuity and management skills.
*Help the community and gain valuable experience.
*And get paid.

Community-based Learning (CBL) is a program that provides students with the opportunity to complete academic projects that address the needs of community nonprofits and government organizations. Organizations identify research, analysis, or evaluation needs and propose them as CBL projects. Projects are matched to Yale courses and students complete them in an academic context with complimenting coursework. The final project meets academic requirements of the students' course while serving as a resource for the organization.

We are currently seeking a new student co-coordinator for Community-Based Learning. This will be the first year that two students will be working as co-coordinators (in place of a single student coordinator). The student coordinators will work with the community, students, administrators and professors to create and facilitate CBL projects, track classes and progress throughout the semester, and work on outreach and evaluation of the program for the future. Spring semester 2009, the new co-coordinator will focus on working with the current coordinator to develop a sustainable program and advocate for the institutionalization of CBL within Yale College. Student coordinators work closely with CBL teaching assistants, supportive faculty, Dwight Hall staff, and Dwight Hall student leadership.

This is a minimum two-semester commitment, with opportunity for extension, requiring about 8 hours a week. Work-study or stipend is provided through Dwight Hall. The CBL Coordinator will also have the opportunity to become the CBL Summer Intern through Dwight Hall Summer Fellows.

The ideal CBL coordinator would have knowledge of Dwight Hall, a range of courses and/or faculty, and New Haven, and would have experience working with non-profits and government. Strong organizational skills and self-motivation are essential.

For more information, please contact This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript , the current CBL coordinator. We strongly encourage you to apply over Thanksgiving break if possible. Deadline is Thursday, December 4th whenever you go to sleep. If the deadline poses a problem, but you are interested, please email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript .



Submit by email to This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript   and This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript

a) résumé

b) few paragraphs answering questions below

c) name/email/phone number of 1 reference 

In order to provide us with a sense of your interest in and qualifications for this position, please email us a résumé (please include relevant coursework) and a few paragraphs that answer the following: 

    * What is your year, your major, and have you ever participated in CBL?

    * Why are you interested in becoming the coordinator of CBL and what do you think you could contribute to the program?

    * What is your experience working in New Haven? What community organizations have you worked with?

    * What is your experience with Dwight Hall? What programs, if any, have you participated in and have you held leadership positions in these organizations?  Are you familiar with the Urban Studies Guide or the Urban Studies Program?

    * What is your major?  Do you have any experience with the Political Science, Sociology, American Studies, or Architecture departments?

    * While looking at your other commitments, will you have time to commit to coordinating CBL?