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A Call to Future Educational Leaders The National Teaching Academy is recruiting aspiring educators with the potential to become teacher-leaders in urban schools. Those selected participate in a rigorous one year program that prepares them to become effective teachers and leaders within urban schools. They also join a close community of teacher-leaders who share strategies for driving student and school improvement. Our Mission Behind every strong school is a group of exceptional teacher-leaders. Our mission is to prepare the next generation of teacher-leaders committed to improving urban schools. Those with the potential to teach and lead can make a huge difference. Our nation’s ability to provide each child with a high quality education depends on its ability to attract and prepare teacher-leaders. NTA is designed to provide a community of talented new educators with the insights and leadership skills necessary to become the leaders we need. Our Program Those selected into the program: • Work with veteran teacher-leaders who provide support and feedback. • Learn effective teaching strategies at a successful urban public school. • Earn their teacher certification. • Earn a Master Degree in Education. • Position themselves to become Nationally Board Certified after three years of teaching. The National Teaching Academy is currently operating in Washington, DC, but plans to expand to other cities in future years. For more information, visit or contact Eric Westendorf at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript