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I've been working on this start up website called It's basically a user-generated site about NY culture, similar to Zagats or Citysearch, except the reviews are coming from your most trusted source - your friends. The reviews are then mapped on 3-d maps, so you have your own personal maps which you can then share.

We are having our launch this winter at Milk Gallery, sponsored by HBO, and we hope to make it a pretty cool event. I am reaching out to you because leading up to the event we are trying to build a base of in-house writers who are keyed into one of the categories we focus on to feature on the site. Those categories are art, food, music, news, entertainment, design, technology, and nightlife. If you think you have a unique perspective to offer in any of these categories please get in touch.

We are starting to raise capital and would pay you if you came on as a writer - the amount you make would correspond to how much you write and the traffic you are able to bring to the site.  Overall you would have the potential to make several hundred dollars a month, just by writing about stuff that you're interested in around the city.  So if you feel like coming on as a writer let me know and I'd love to discuss further.  -- Please get back to me and I will connect you with our Editor-in-Chief