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Our Mission

Young Professionals for CARE is dedicated to supporting CARE and its mission to end global poverty.  Whether artists or lawyers, bankers or performers, young professionals have the knowledge, the power and the passion to advance health and prosperity in the worlds poorest communities.  Through fundraising, advocacy, education, discussion and a range of social activities, we engage individuals with shared values and sensibilities, and connect them to global efforts to empower people to overcome poverty.


About CARE: CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting poverty in more than 70 countries around the world.  CAREs mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities by drawing strength from its global diversity, resources and 63 years of experience. CARE places special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty.  CARE promotes innovative solutions and is an advocate for global responsibility.



Our Membership

Young Professionals for CARE is a diverse community of CARE supportersalmost as diverse as the individuals whom CARE strengthens and empowers around the world.  Led by a volunteer steering committee, our core membership consists of hundreds of young professionals in their twenties and thirties. We range from investment bankers to graphic designers; from journalists to lawyers and photographers.  We share a passion for CAREs commitment to building a world of hope, tolerance and social justiceand we work to engage families, friends and colleagues in that effort.  We consider the diversity of our membership and the unity of our conviction to be our greatest strengths.



Our Activities



·         Fundraising: Since our founding in October 2008, we have raised over $29,000 for CARE through a variety of means.  Our first fundraiser, held in March 2008, drew more than 260 people to a chic and stylish midtown lounge to support CAREs Basic and Girls Education Program.

·         Education: We host the Voices that CARE Speaker Series, which highlights innovative efforts to fight global poverty through panel discussions, debates and documentary film screenings.

·         Mobilization: We link our members to CAREs global advocacy efforts and offer opportunities for young professionals to make a difference by participating in CARE campaigns.

·         Networking: We provide a forum for young professionals to connect with people who share the belief that we can play an important role in ending global poverty.




Our Goals


·         To engage young professionals and the broader public in the fight to end global poverty.

·         To build and maintain awareness about global poverty through education and advocacy.

·         To encourage diversity in the community of CARE supporters.

·         To reflect the values of our members and appeal to their passions and sensibilities.

·         To promote leadership and creativity in our activities.


For more information, visit Young Professionals for CARE at


 and our Facebook group, Young Professionals of New York for CARE.

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