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After a year in the works, the bike rental program is finally here.  Well not yet.  But they will be next week (they're already ordered and everything!)...

Part of the program is to encourage people to explore New Haven.  As such, we are trying to figure out exactly how much and when Dwight Hall groups and tutors will need said bikes and then going from there to design some sort of program.  So if you want to rent a bike, email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript with NAME, DWIGHT HALL GROUP, NUM OF BIKES, the DAYS NEEDED, and TIME.  For example: BOBBY GIBBS, ECHO, 2 bikes, FRIDAY, 3:00 PM.

Alright, in other news, Dwight Hall is in need of your help...we are hosting a parent's weekend open house/fundraiser for Parent's Weekend so mom and dad can see all the great things you're doing to help other people.  First off, if you have photos of your group doing something service related, please send them my way with a caption and we'll create an exhibit.  Second off, come to the exhibit for Saturday brunch, to be occurring at 11:00 AM!

Finally, please check out the Education Reform panel Monday at 8:00 PM.  Education reform is a hot issue this year and there has already been a huge amount of activity around it in both New Haven and Yale.  Several experts will be speaking so be sure not to miss it!  Take a look at this article for some more info...

Have a nice day!