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The tango is a rich and complex improvisational dance considered to be the most challenging and fulfilling of all the partnered dances. The study of the tango can improve your balance, focus, sensitivity, and particularly your ability to work with and respond spontaneously to a partner.

In addition, tango is a fun way to meet and get to know people. New York has a vibrant and creative tango subculture and there are several places to go out dancing socially on each day of the week.

Tango has been showcased and celebrated on the stage and the screen for decades. You may be surprised at how the real experience of dancing the tango differs from what you have seen on TV. Come try out tango at Triangulo this month!

Triangulo is the only studio in New York City devoted solely to Argentine Tango. Our classes are kept small (8-10 couples), and focus on individual attention. Students aren't required to bring a partner (you will be asked to switch partners often during class).

Carina Moeller teaches all of the classes at the studio (135 West 20th St, 3rd Fl). Classes are generally assisted so that students can see both the leader's and follower's role.

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