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Board Structure



Description, Focus Areas, responsibilities


My Luu ’96

Vision, board development, strategic coherence, partnerships with other Yale alumni organizations and Ivy League schools



Alumni communications, board dynamics


Rosa Balestrino ’92

Board organization: legal issues, by-laws & mechanics (minutes, scheduling, voting)


Tracey Ober ’85

Managing accounts, direction on Fundraising and Sponsorships

Arts & Entertainment

Sibile Morency ’05

Chair of Arts & Entertainment committee

Public Service

Amanda Taffy ’01 MPH

Chair of Public Service & Social Justice committee

Director of Outreach

Mike Jacobs ’95

Focus groups, volunteer recruitment, board communications

Social Activities

Pam Weinstock ’89  

Co-Chair of Social Activities/Networking Committee

Educational Programs

Chad Berkowitz ’00 and Karin Weiner ’93

Co-Chairs of Educational Programs Committee

Professional Networking

Audrey Leibovich ’97

Co-Chair of Social Activities/Networking Committee

Graduate & Professional School Alumni Relations

John Verrochi ’94 MBA

Relationships with G&P alumni groups

AYA representative

Jenny Chavira ’89

Strategic planning support, support for Board organization, campus relationships.