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YAAMNY Board Structure

Board Structure Title   Description, Focus Areas, responsibilities President: My Luu ’96 Vision, board development, strategic coherence, partnerships with other Yale alumni organizations and Ivy League schools Vice-President: vacant Alumni communications, board dynamics Secretary: Rosa Balestrino ’92 Board organization: legal issues, by-laws & mechanics (minutes, scheduling, voting) Treasurer: Tracey Ober ...

Yalies in New York: We need your opinion!

Click here for YAAMNY Alumni Interest Survey

We want to know what you imagine a NYC-based alumni association could or should be: what it looks like, sounds like, feels like. We want to know your current attitudes and opinions about YAAMNY, if you have any (but who are we kidding, we Yalies… we have opinions about everything)....

Yalies in New York: We still need your opinion!

Click here for YAAMNY Alumni Interest Survey

UPDATE: Survey Deadline - October 31

Dear Fellow Yalie,

Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to fill out YAAMNY survey that was sent to you a few weeks ago.  The response has been fanstatic!  For those who have not, it is not too late. We will be closing the survey on Friday, October 31th so there is still time.  Please take the time to click on the above link and fill out the survey.  Again, we would truly appreciate to hear your thoughts and feelings about YAAMNY so that we may work towards making it an organization that serves you in the best possible way.

As before, please feel free to This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript contact me or This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript Jenny Chavira '89 of the AYA with questions or concerns. Many thanks in advance for your time and attention.

Best regards,

Aaron Shipp '96
Director of Outreach Task Force,

YAAMNY Board of Directors

YAAMNY Communications Working Group

YAAMNY Communications Working Group Preliminary Outline Balance of all-alumni broadcasts and topical opt-in newsletters (A&E, service, classifieds, etc.) Monthly all-alumni newsletter? Promoting individual YAAMNY branded events? How often for other opt-in newsletters? Best practices need volunteers to work on guidelines for YAAMNY communications for consistency & effectiveness What info ...

YAAMNY Mission

YAAMNY's mission is to promote a sense of community for all Yale alumni in the New York metropolitan area as well as to nurture among alumni and their communities the culture and values that brought us together at Yale. The core operations of YAAMNY shall be to: Facilitate and create opportunities for ...

Editor's Note March 2008

  Over half of the AYA Leadership Forum (ALF) participants joined the Listserve (Yahoo) (Listserve Yahoo would be a hyperlink to the group)  to exchange ideas. Your input and inquiries are always welcome.   To further our communication and broaden our sharing, all ALF participants are pre-registered on a Wiki-quick ...

Introductory Meeting

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A Field Guide To Managing Online Clubs

>> this document is for use on all OneClickClub sites, please edit with this in mind << Organizing a Club Leadership and Governance The key to sustaining your group is ensuring more than one person has ownership of the group. Extending ownership involves reaching out to other collaborators and ...