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A collection of news stories including or featuring Dwight Hall or our member groups:


10/24/08 "'Sing' for social justice" YDN, by Kaitlin Paulson

10/22/08 "Activists fight for winter shelters" YDN, by Martine Powers

- Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP), Shelter Now

10/6/08 "New Haven homeless hurt by budget cuts" YDN, by Mindy Gee

- Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP), Shelter Now

9/29/08 "For 22 years, Cahoon inspired Elis" YDN, by Greta Stetson

9/28/08 "Celebrating a man who saw needs--and got us to help meet them" New Haven Register, by Randall Beach

- Herb Cahoon

9/26/08 "Knopp to lead Dwight Hall" New Haven Register, by Mary O'Leary

9/15/08 "dHarmony pairs Elis, groups" YDN, by Vivian Yee

9/12/08 "Yale fair trade advocates gain new voice" Yale Herald, by Frank Cirillo

- Mercado Global, Fair Trade Alliance

5/7/08 "Honoring Town-Gown Partners" Yale Office of Public Affairs

- Kathrine Burdick, Jessica Bialecki, Brian Edwards

4/26/08 "Program gets city students excited about math" New Haven Register, by Amanda Howe

- Mathcounts Outreach

4/25/08 "Knopp to take reins of Dwight Hall" YDN, by Derek Tam

4/25/08 "Former Mayor Knopp named to post at Yale" The Advocate, by Jonathan Lucas

4/25/08 "Knopp has new position at Yale University" The Hour

4/21/08 "Charity walk raises $30K for AIDS" YDN, by Sam Pilku

- AIDS Walk New Haven

by Chris Lewine, Amy Rothschild, and Eliza Schafler

4/13/08 "Yale volunteers bridge 2 worlds" New Haven Register, by Ed Stannard

- Public School Intern (PSI) Program; Dwight Hall Academic Mentoring Program (DHAMPY); Luther House

4/13/08 "'Communiversity' event brings town, gown together" New Haven Register, by Maria Garriga

- Alpha Phi Omega; DEMOS

4/8/08 "Solar Youth, LEAP reach out to clean up" YDN, by Jerry Feng

- Dwight Hall Urban Fellows Program

4/4/08 "Teach for New Haven: Elis give back to Elm City Schools" Yale Herald, by Vivian Nereim

- Dwight Hall Public School Intern (PSI) Program

3/27/08 "Pepper touts service as 'North Star'" YDN, by Zeke Miller

3/21/08 "Former Yale VP to share message about mentoring" Yale Bulletin & Calendar

- Black Student Alliance at Yale (BSAY)

11/12/07 "Solidarity Week yields 550 ID card signups" YDN, by Victor Zapana

11/9/07 "Religious groups unite over Elm City ID card" YDN, by Sarah Wolf

11/6/07 "Campus groups tout ID signups" YDN, by Madeline Johnson and Lea Yu

10/5/07 "New Dwight money management concerns students" Yale Herald, by Alexandra Wilde

9/17/07 "Frosh gather for Day of Service" YDN, by Bharat Ayyar

8/9/07 "Summer Students Lay Down The Law" New Haven Independent, by Nick Vinocur

- Ulysses S. Grant Foundation

4/23/07 "Old Campus welcomes public" YDN, by Nicholle Manners

- Alpha Phi Omega

4/20/07 "Dwight Hall passes resolution supporting union in Y-NH dispute" YDN, by Jack Mirkinson

4/11/07 "Dwight Hall to weigh in on unionization" YDN, by Della Fok

11/17/06 "Groups fight human trafficking" YDN, by Ambika Bhusan

- Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP); Amnesty International; Social Justice Network (SJN)

11/14/06 "Students react to Dwight's move" YDN, by Christina Pryor and Maggie Reid

11/13/06 "Dwight Hall will relocate" YDN, by Jack Mirkinson

11/10/06 "Alumni assembly focuses on service at Yale" Yale Herald, by Cassie Crockett

11/10/06 "Students prepare for YHHAP fast" YDN, by Judy Wang

- Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP)

11/3/06 "Those Who Lead, Teach" New Haven Independent, by Katie Dewitt

- Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP)

9/27/06 "McKinsey presents nonprofit consulting session" YDN, by Aaron Bray

7/14/06 "Sharp Eyes On The News" New Haven Independent, by Melissa Bailey

- Ulysses S. Grant Foundation

- Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP)

4/14/06 "Living In The Shadows" New Haven Independent, by Melinda Tuhus

4/13/06 "Dwight Hall puts focus on tutoring" YDN, by Summer Banks

- Education Network; Dwight Hall Academic Mentoring Program at Yale (DHAMPY)

3/30/06 "Dwight Hall posts recruiting info" YDN, by Caroline Savello

2/16/06 "Univ. divests from holdings in Sudan" YDN, by Daniel Katz

- Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND)

1/27/06 "Group rallies for divestment" YDN, by Tyler Hill

- Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND)


*Note: YDN = Yale Daily News

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